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The call to VOTE!

What the heck is this site for? 

Good question!  This site is to help former DAOC and Warhammer players and guilds coordinate onto the same server for GW2 release.   We'll have a player AND guild Poll on which GW2 release server most former guilds want to go to, each player and guild gets one vote.  There is no obligation to go on the server choosen here, this is just to get a consenus of where the majority of former DOAC players want to go to. 

The Player Poll is currently running.  It will run until the final GW2 server list is released.  At that time all participating guilds will get a single vote for a special guild vote.  All lists can be edited, so please feel free to update them and help the community be more informed.

Please VOTE if you haven't yet using the "Polls" link.  Cheers!

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